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Social Impact + 

Business Discipline

In the face of increasing demand for social enterprise and infrastructure solutions to support Australian communities, For Purpose Investment Partners was established with the support of M.H. Carnegie & Co. to invest in projects and organisations that deliver strong and long-term positive social outcomes.

Impact Pioneers

We have been at the forefront of social change and impact investment in Australia

Deeply Experienced

We draw from deep experience across both social and business sectors through both our team and our broad networks

Partnership Approach

We adopt a collaborative approach with our partners to establish creative models of generating social and financial returns 

Purpose Driven

As a for purpose, not-for-profit investment manager, we are deeply aligned with the social objectives of our investments



Michael Traill AM

Executive Director

Chris Yoo

Executive Director

Andrew Thorburn

Executive Director

Don Luke


Wendy McCarthy AO

Non-Executive Director

Mark Carnegie

Non-Executive Director