Pressing social infrastructure
investment needs in certain sectors..

There are compelling investment demands to build social infrastructure to support the needs of the Australian community across a number of social sectors, including:

  • Aged and disability care

  • Social and affordable housing

  • Healthcare and

  • Education

.. are resulting in scale investment
opportunities at compelling returns

We are observing an emerging landscape of opportunities for scale investment in these sectors.

Our recent experience has been that with the right operating partnership, it is possible to identify and execute substantial opportunities with significant social impact, while delivering compelling risk return adjusted financial returns.

However, much of the social sector
today lacks an aligned capital partner

Strong commercial return opportunities in social sectors have in the past increased the risk of unethical behaviour in the pursuit of maximising profit. 

The most significant operators in our focus
social sectors are for-purpose organisations who are seeking investment partners who are aligned in achieving a social outcome through investment of their capital.


OUR purpose

For Purpose Investment Partners aims to be the leader in building a large scale Australian impact investing market. 

We originate, fund and facilitate large scale investment opportunities in Australia; providing both compelling risk adjusted economic returns to investors and meaningful social returns to the broader community.