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Michael Traill: Update on Social Impact Taskforce, and planning Capitalism 2.0

For Purpose Investment Partners Executive Director, Michael Traill sat down with John Treadgold on the Good Future podcast, chatting all things sustainable business, the new economy and how your spending and investing decisions can have an impact.

Michael Traill is one of the founding-heroes of impact investing in Australia. He led a pioneering finance deal in 2009 which bought out the assets of the struggling child-care company ABC Learning. He revived the business as Goodstart Early learning, which remains Australia’s biggest child-care centre group. And a foundational story of impact investing in Australia.

Since then the sector has grown, and last year the Federal government setup a taskforce to make recommendations about what they can do to help nurture impact investing and in their wisdom, they made Michael the chair.

The taskforce published an interim report at the end of 2019 and final recommendations were due to be released in the middle 0f 2020. But covid-19 put a spanner in the works, and the report’s been delayed.

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